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How Does Solar Work?

Solar power is the power obtained by harnessing the energy of the rays. We use solar energy in our everyday lives for a variety of activities from drying clothes on a clothesline to creating salt from seawater, solar energy has been used for centuries by humans. Solar energy is captured by your home solar panel system and then converted into electricity by using either photovoltaic or concentrated solar power. Using mirrors or lenses (in the case of concentrated solar power), large beams of light are focused into a small beam. Using the photoelectric effect, photovoltaic solar power converts solar energy into electric energy.


How Much

Does it Cost?

Solar panel prices have been dropping in recent years and the solar power industry has been growing exponentially, meaning now is the perfect time to purchase a home solar panel system. And with the 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit, there's no excuse not to at least research solar power for your home. Did you know that on average, homeowners can save about $25,000 over 25 years when they switch to solar power. Talk about saving for the future! This clean and pollution-free process can provide electricity to your home less than what your electric company charges.

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How Do You Get It?

A home solar panel system consists of several solar panels, a charge regulator, wiring and support materials and a few other key components. Sunlight is absorbed by the panels and is then converted to electricity by the installed system. The battery stores electricity so it can be used later, like on a cloudy day or during the evening. By relying on battery backups, solar energy can provide electricity 24/7 to your home.

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